Ben Hammersley's Future Actions

Futurist, explorer, pilot, medic, and scientist.

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Current Project
Futures: Thinking with Complex SYstems, AI, And the network

There is an ever-increasing gap between the way we think the world works, and the way it actually does. Our jobs, our businesses, our institutions and governments and civic infrastructure, the marketplace, the flow of ideas, wars and the supply chain, are all - to a degree I think most would find terrifying - far more complex and weird than we're generally aware. This is partly because of a reluctance to truly look, partly because orthodox understandings of the world are deeply culturally embedded, and partly because we lack the cognitive tools to actually do that thinking.


In this project, I aim to look at that last problem: what are the missing tools, analogies, technologies, memes, techniques, and ways of seeing that we're missing as individuals that, properly mastered, would help us to prosper in the 21st century? The output will be a series of speeches, writing, and a book.

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